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E-Cigs San Antonio

e cig in San Antonio, TXAt Smokerz Paradize in San Antonio, we offer a wide selection of electronic cigarettes, or E-Cigs, to accommodate any situation or budget. An electronic cigarette is a personal vaporizer device which also acts as an electronic nicotine delivery system. This has become a popular device for those looking for nicotine and the sensation of tobacco smoking. Instead of producing cigarette smoke, an E-Cig produces a vapor which is created by a heating element that atomizes the e-liquid solution.

Try a flavored e-liquid

E-liquids are available in an array of flavors and nicotine levels.   smoking accessories in San Antonio, TX
We offer everything from traditional tobacco, menthol flavored, fruit & dessert flavored liquids.  Some of our customers even like to mix liquids!   Having the ability to customize your E-Cig to fit your personal preferences is one of the many benefits of switching to E-Cigarettes. If you’re new to the world of electronic cigarettes or interested in making the switch -  please contact us or browse through website for more E-Cig information!

Did you know that not all e-liquids and tanks mix?

Certain liquid and tank combinations are a call for disaster. When the wrong products are used together, it can cause serious issues including cracks to the body of the E-Cig and even melting of the outer casing of the tank.

Fortunately, only a small number of juices are at risk for this to happen and generally only happens with plastic tanks. Citric in cinnamon flavors are the most common cause to these issues. Investing in a glass tank can eliminate this problem. Glass tanks are made of Pyrex, which is resistant to erosion and produces a more flavorful vape.

When you're in the market for a new E-Cig, or want to get new smoking accessories, stop into Smokerz Paradize, serving greater San Antonio.